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Is it possible to directly link to a specific page in a Glide app?
Example: Share a link to a user-specific page in the app

I understand that all pages have their own direct URL, but does anyone know how they are created?
I have users that have their individual project pages (we essentially do project planning) with information pulled from a Google Sheet.

But I don’t want to just give them the link to our directory because then they could pull up other people’s accounts by navigating through the directory, so I just want to send them a direct link to their project.

If yes, how do we do this?
If not, is it on the roadmap?

The below might help:

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This was pretty helpful in figuring out the pattern, but the problem is that I am not getting the Row IDs from Glide, but I am getting the data from Google Sheets. I have since added a column called “Row ID” to my sheet, but event after a sync it won’t update the details screen URL for each project (aka row) with the Row ID in my sheet, but rather still use the Glide-generated one.

Is it an option to dispense with the Google Sheet generated ID’s?
You’d be much better off working with the Glide RowID’s if that’s an option.

I actually just figured it out! My sheet has a lot of formulas and is very sensitive, but I just watched the video here: Glide • Row ID Column that explains I have to add the Row IDs via the Glide editor and can’t just make a new column myself. After doing that, it worked!

oh, right. hehe, I assumed you were already doing that :slight_smile:

The problem with the Deep Link is tha, when we use a deep-link (even internal), it relaunches the application with loading and it’s a shame, so the deep link is interesting in my opinion only on emails to open a page. Unless there is a method to avoid this loading that i dont know?

There shouldn’t be a need to use deep links internally to navigate throughout the app. Deep Links are used to get into the app. Not navigate within the app. Within the app, you should be using relations and actions to navigate wherever you need in the app.

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Yes that’s what i use, but in that way you can connect only using “collection” and use relations like you say, but for exemple in prefer use “hint” for notification system, because look better than a collection for a notification, but i can’t connect to the right page using a “hint”. But basically, you’re right

I would need more information or some screenshots, but I don’t think you should be limited to only using a collection. If you are showing a notification in a hint component, then how did you get the data for that notification? Wouldn’t it be a relation? Any component that allows actions can call the ‘Show Detail Screen’ for any table or relation.

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