Screen Link (New Computation)

So no deep links thankfully can be predeicted on the new infrasturcure by adding the url


So the placement are ROWID

In glide tables row id can’t be changed or modified but in Google sheet the story is different

Sometimes we push data through make or zapier and we add unique value in the row id

So is there any way other than using glide api to return immediately a row id so we can have the screenlink used from the backend ?

I’d be very wary about doing that. I can’t say for certain that it will break anything, but I wouldn’t consider it a good practice. What I would be inclined to do is create a separate column for those values, and leave the RowIDs to Glide.

Do you mean when a new row is added via a form submission?
This is something I have tested - an onSubmit action that sent the RowID via a webhook - and it did work when I tested it. But I don’t know how reliable it would be. I can imagine a situation where the webhook is triggered and sent before the RowID has been generated. I think it’s something you’d need to test for yourself.

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No we are pushing data to google sheet via make so we will have to wait for glide for a bout 3 and sometimes 5 mins to generate the row ID and we will have to get again the row after a sleep module so we can get the row id to use it in the screen link

oh, right.

Yeah, if you’re not willing to use the API instead, then you’re stuck.

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Yeah, if you’re adding row by row then the API will return the rowID instantly. Otherwise it seems like a no go.

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