Corrupted app

I created an App a few months ago that seemed to be working great. Open the dashboard this morning and the sign up form has completely disappeared.

I would imagine something happened with a lack of robust design on my part. My question is whether there is some sort of backup or way to recover an old version. I had a copy, and exactly the same thing happened to the copy which is very strange.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot.

Can you explain this since more? What sign up form? Like you can’t sing into the builder, or you can’t sign into the app? Do you have screenshots of what you are seeing?

Hey Jeff, thanks for the quick reply. As you can see from the screenshot, this used to be a four-part custom form and there’s now nothing there. I have absolutely no idea what happened?

I only see a collection component. We’re there other components, or is that what you are expecting? Also, you are previewing the app as a signed in user. Is the tab and/or the collection supposed to show anything when a user is signed in?

It seems that the collection is trying to show a few items, but I can’t make it what is supposed to be showing.

There were several components. First name last name Etc. Four separate parts to create and sign up form. And all those components are gone. And I’ve tried viewing as they signed in user and not signed-in user and it doesn’t matter.

I followed Darren’s idea for creating a form, which made sense at the time and which I now know might not have been the most efficient way to do it. But I’m sort of stuck with it since I have a bunch of data already collected in that format. So unless I can figure out how to get the form back that I had, I’m going to have to recreate the whole thing. I just can’t figure out what possibly could have happened that corrupted both my live app and my backup.

Same comment as Jeff: it seems the Sign-up tab only contains a collection now.

As long as the tables in the Data Editor are still intact, you don’t need to rebuild the entire app. All you would need to do is rebuild a few screens with a few components on them, it’s not too bad.

This doesn’t explain what happened to your nice multi-step form, but that seems to be water under the bridge now. My assumption would be that you selected a tab and on the right hand side under “Style”, clicked on another style, just to see: this erases the components from the screen with no warning. It is very annoying, impossible to foresee and easy to miss even once you’ve done it (unknowingly).

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Moral of the story? Back up the backup, and then take screenshots? Thanks for all the help guys.

Are you sure both of the apps are corrupt, the live one and the backup? Did you happen to edit both?

They both have exactly the same corruption. Once I saw the problem on the live one, I clicked on the backup and it was exactly the same. Gremlins!

I wonder if the issue wasn’t already there when you made the backup.

If you knowingly catch any of this when it happens while in the builder, you do have the undo button to undo any inadvertent changes that you didn’t mean to make, but only during that session. Personally I have never seen anything change in my apps without my doing.

At the tab level, I usually set the style to custom and never touch it again. I don’t think this one was mentioned in the 2024 wishes.

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Thanks guys for all your help. I’m sure I managed to click some place I shouldn’t have, and then backed up the mistake without realizing it. Live and learn I guess.

I’m working on rebuilding the form right now, and I’m finding it not to be as difficult as I imagined. My old man brain is remembering most of it.

Thanks again for your help.