Sign-Up screen is blocked

I finally published my Private Pro app yesterday to start the testing phase. Everything worked fine, but now my sign-in screen is blocked, no matter which user I choose as a viewer. I cannot enter the email address, nor can I check off any consent boxes (I added a google drive link for the privacy policy). I am in play mode. Any idea what the culprit might be?

do not add google drive links to Glide… upload links to glide… Google have one of the most secure data protection… it will not work in most of web based applications


Ok, I deleted the link and check boxes, but the screen is still blocked

add component to upload files

To the sign-in screen??

I do not know your app, so I cant give applicable solution

I’m just trying to find a way to include a link for a “Declaration of Consent” that people should read and agree to before they sign up.

it is always the same?


copy text and paste to google sheet or glide text entry… and copy to all rows by “single value” column

Sorry for the confusion, I’m talking about the sign UP screen. :grimacing:

sign in screen is mostly of limits and i will not recommend any changes to it

There’s an option to add a check box with an external link, which is what I did. Not much you could do wrong here, yet the screen is blocked.

I would wait until someone else will answer for that… I don’t have good experience with that option ether… I.m the guy who makes my own forms, buttons, sign-in screens… this way i have full control and best customer help available.

What’s your app link?

Link to app

and you got the boss hem self… so I will retire this topic :wink:

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I see your sign-in screen immediately:

I can check the boxes and attempt to sign in.

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Are you trying to sign in from the builder?
You can’t do that. If you want to sign in to the app, you need to take the published link and open it in a browser.