Viewing as not-signed-in user

Hi there, when in the editor I want to see my pages site as a not signed in user would see it.
Is this the way to do it?

  • Choose ‘viewing as anyone’ under ‘view as user’

But when I then click on sign up, Glide signs in as one of the existing user where I want to see what it will look like for a new user.

Is that possible in the editor?

When you are in the builder, you are always in a semi-signed in state to the app. You will never see the sign in screen. Is your Sign Up button just supposed to take you to the sign in screen? I think the only way to truly experience what the user will experience at sign in, is to visit the published url.

I think that is the expected behaviour. What did you expect your “not signed-in user” to see? It should be whatever shows up when you “view as anyone”.

Well, i would expect a sign up / sign in screen not a sihned in as whichever user screen

Do you force users to sign in or do you have a public section as well?

Public section too

The builder is not completely the published app. It’s mainly for building the app. I think it would be more trouble if we had to sign into the glide builder, then sign into the app within the builder just to work on anything or see the screens. If you want to see the sign in screen within the builder, then you need to go to the settings panel and select the sign in screen option.

It’s just like at my job. I work on website development. In my development environment, I can work with every website page and the underlying code. Only when I run the website do I need to authenticate to access the website because it’s running as a published version. When I’m developing, I’m not fully running the page. I want to develop and work on the screens and code. Not deal with sign in screens. Glide actually has an advantage here where you don’t have to compile code and run it. Glide apps are always running in a pseudo published state within the builder. To make it easy, the requirement to actually have to sign in is removed until you visit the published url.

I guess to me it makes sense how it works now. You can still edit the limited options on the sign in screen through the settings panel. But it really doesn’t seem necessary to show the sign in screen in the builder. I think it would confuse people.


This confuses me :slight_smile:

I guess I’m curious what your reasoning is for needing to see the sign in screen within the builder. What if your app was set up as Public with Email instead of Public? Would you want to see the sign in screen before you even get to edit the app layout? What if you are building the app for someone else and you don’t want your email to generate a row in the user profile? By bypassing the sign in screen, you can still build the app without being blocked by the sign in screen and without creating unnecessary user profile rows. If you want to experience what any other new user would experience, then you can visit the published url.

I also think of the case with tab visibility. If you are working on a tab that has visibility conditions applied, and if you switch to a user that does not have access to that tab, then the builder will show it as blurred and ask if you still want to preview the tab. That way you can still work on it and make changes. But in reality, in the published version, the end user will never see that tab or have any indication that it exists. But, the builder still needs to provide a way for you to get around the app so you can work on it and make changes. It would be restricting and confusing to show the sign in screen when the developer shouldn’t have to deal with that. What you see during development is a little different from what you see in a published release of the app.

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Maybe i am expecting things i shouldnt expect, that’s possible. But it would be so valuable if Glide would help users more, explain how stuff works and why other things don’t work.
In this case, when i use ‘everyone’, so i want to see what a new user sees, why -when i click on sign up, not show me a note why that’s not possible in the editor? Of course team and time, but to get to 2 billion appbuilders it would help.

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