Creating onboarding screens

I want to create an onboarding process for new subscribers. I’ve done this on a mobile app but not Glide Pages.

When I’m testing and ‘sign out’, I press ‘Sign up’ and it automatically signs me in as the last test user.

How do I create a pages onboarding process for Glide Pages so I can add extra questions for their profile?

Hi Emma

You can test in Glide builder picking the “Anyone” user, so this way you can test with someone who doesn’t have signed up yet


Hi @emmalr,

In Glide page, to create such a process, I use some “containers” with “visibility conditions” and button triggering “custom actions”.

  • In table [Users]: “onboarding” column, which will receive values 1, -1 , 2
  • New screen based upon [Users], with whole page filtered on “User email is signedin”
  • X containers (2 in my case) with “custom actions” setting values in the “onboarding” column
  • The screen has also a visibility condition with “NOT visible when onboarding column = 2”

nb: all other screens of your app, must have a visibility condition with “visible when onboarding column = 2”

Hope this helps


Hi Lucas, I’ve done that, but as soon as I press ‘sign up’ it automatically logs me in as as the previous user.

Yes, because your email has already been register in glide data base.

Are you useing google spreadsheet or glide table in your app?

The builder doesn’t have a true sign in process. Clicking the button will most likely “log you in” with your glide account, or whichever user you last previewed as. If you want to test as different users, you need to use the “Preview As” function in the builder. You can choose existing users, or you can manually add a new user to your user profile table and preview as them.

If you are looking for a specific page, then you will have to select the tabs at the upper left of the builder, or find a way to navigate to the screen you need.

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