Several people not able to sign up past few days!

Still user testing my app in small groups and now facing new issues again in the past few days with people not being able to Sign Up for the app. Pictures below all show similar issue. 3 out of 8 unable to get past the sign in screen. The only thing I’ve changed recently was my ‘sign up form’ once a new user enters the app but I don’t anticipate that is the issue here.


I’m able to log in and edit my profile. Do these people use any specific types of devices?

I know one of them has an iphone, the other two I don’t know. Could this be chalked up to temporary Glide glitching since they weren’t even able to access the site? Is there something that typically causes this?

If it’s just temporary then it might be a glitch. Have you tried telling them to log in again? Can you tell them to record the behaviour and send it here so we can debug?

Two of them were able to sign up later, unsure about the 3rd. If it happens again, I will see if they can screen record. Frustrating though, if they weren’t testers, that would have been 3 lost customers :expressionless:

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This works for me using my laptop on Windows and an iPhone 6 that sometimes has problem with new features but in this case, everything looks fine.

Try to delete your signed-in user list the next time to find out if there is something wrong in one of records.



thanks for doing that, glad it went through!