Copy this app - GDPR databreach

My app’s URL: any copyable app - but example :

When an app with sign-in “public with e-mail” is made copyable the Users sheet still contains the existing users e-mail adress when it is copied. That is a GDPR databreach.

The rest of the user specific data seems to be removed but the actual user specific entries (which countries have you visited) are actually accessable in the builder if you use the “Preview as”
Edit Favorites which is user-specific data are also accessible in the builder

Please correct this issue

@mark are you sure that user specific data (including favorites) is not copied when you copy an app from the template store



@Krivo: Although this will not be applicable for our use case it does raise a lot of questions.

I’ve been researching this subject over the past couple of weeks and reaching out to various services I use to try and glean more info and it is quite alarming how many companies are in breach.

Recent example is Zapier. I pointed out a serious GDPR breach and they said:

we recognize we have more work to do on this.

What’s incredible here is that Zapier has been around for years and the GDPR came into effect in 2018.

They are taking a huge risk.


They have to actively work on yes, because as the no-code industry is growing, day after day, a day will come where they (and others) will be highly at risk. The big tech companies will do what they can to get them in difficult position, to protect their business.

Many apps have sensitive information in sheets other than the user profile sheet, and Glide can’t detect what’s sensitive, PPI, etc.

Please don’t make your app copyable if it contains sensitive information.

@mark agree that sensitive data can be in any tabs and the person sharing for copy should delete such info

But glide could remove any data in user specific columns. I actually thought it should always be done but I now understand a use case where it shouldn’t be done: when the app developer wants to do a backup.

Please make it possible to copy app without any user specific data as it is close to impossible to remove the user specific data if you have numerous users. I don’t really know if it is possible to delete user specific data if you only have the user specific data in the glide builder.

Are you sure that user specific data are removed when an app is made a template app.

We’ll make sure user-specific columns are not copied for templates and world-copyable apps. Thank you for bringing it to our attention!

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@mark i don’t understand your term world-copyable apps

We just need to know if you will remove all user specific data when making a app copyable.

I would think No as it will then not be possible to do a backup of an app.

But we really need an option along with making the app copyable - and that is “keep user specific data” (Yes/No)
Yes = used for backup
No = sharing with the world (including the community)

I would use the dashboard duplicate function to backup an app as opposed to making the app copyable. I wonder if what Mark means by “world copyable”, is by making the app copyable externally thought the app settings or through a template.

@jeff thanks for inlighting me. I wasn’t aware of the duplicate functionality (probably have been around for long time) - but I always did the “expose your data to the world for a few seconds”-approach. Glad I finally understood that I don’t need to do that :slight_smile:

Then, all user-specific data should be removed when making your app copyable. I hope that is what @mark meant.

Glad I could teach ya something. :wink: . Pretty sure duplicate has always been available. At least as long as I can remember.

But you’re right. Hopefully that’s what he meant.

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@Krivo What I mean is, once we fix this (by Wednesday this week):

  1. When you duplicate an app in your account, or in one of your orgs, the user-specific data will be copied, too.
  2. When you submit an app to the template store, user-specific data will not be copied.
  3. When you make your app copyable and somebody clicks “COPY THIS APP”, user-specific data will not be copied.