Copy'able Sample App / Data Structures

Hey masters/sensei/gurus :nerd_face:, if you have some sample app and data structure (preferred Airtable but GSheets would do) to share to me/us who’s a newbie and just started creating an app on Glide. I would really love to know how did you structure your data sets. I created mine, and I think its kinda messy and have some redundancies - particularly on data relations. If you have some samples to show, I would really appreciate it. Thank you!

What does your app do?

There is no one size fits all data structure. Every app is different. My advice would be to browse the Template Store and find a template that is similar to your app, and then take a look at that.


Thanks for the response @Darren_Murphy

I just wanted to look for any samples and get an idea. My app is kinda like a playlist but with restrictions (row owners). :slight_smile: I believe I will be able to make it, I just wanted to clean my data sets. :grin:

Also, I can’t open the template, what does this mean?



Please first try clearing your browser cache and accessing the URL again. See if any extensions in Chrome might affect that and temporarily turn them off. If that does not work as well, try a different browser.

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Thanks @ThinhDinh , I already able to see the templates. :+1:

I can’t copy the template. :frowning:

When you created your glide account, did you use Google authentication to sign in? If not, is it possible that you are trying to copy a template based on Google sheets, but your glide account isn’t tied to a Google account, so it doesn’t have anywhere to place the copied google sheet???


I’m not sure if I enable Google Authentication, but incase if I missed it how to enable it?

From the Glide Dashboard, click the three dots way at the bottom left next to your name, then choose Sign Out.

Then sign back in, using the Sign in with Google option


still the same… or I cannot copy if I am on a free account, but I was able to copy some other template.
And in my other (invited) team account I was able to copy other template as well. Anyway, thanks @Darren_Murphy :+1:

Already able to copy templates now. IDK what happen before. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the help!


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