Conditional visibility not working

Conditional visibility not working in two areas

  1. when I set the component to be hidden once the username is entered
  2. other tabs only being visible after the username is entered

I think the condition is not working because of this bug?

Screenshot (43)

this is user profile sheet, why and how are there gaps in between?

edit : yes, IT is because of the gaps, I tested from the other normal accounts(in yellow) and the conditions work perfectly, but the empty ones(pink,all 4) does not follow!

Screenshot (43)_LI

It looks like you have duplicate rows in your User Profiles table.
Do you have an action anywhere that adds a row to this table?
If yes, get rid of it. It isn’t needed - a new row is automatically added to this table the first time a new user signs in.
Fix that and I suspect that your visibility issue will be solved.


Hey, I’ve checked it, but I don’t think I set up anything like that or maybe I’m not searching in the right place(have never done it before)

Screenshot (44)

There’s your problem right there - “Show Form Screen”
That is going to cause a duplicate row to be added.
Just allow them to edit using the pencil icon, or build a screen with input components and a button with an action that does Set Column Values on the existing row.


Thanks a lot!! I got it done, the latter option!

So I got a doubt, can I still keep the edit option w the

or would it create duplicate rows again?? because users being able to edit their names and images would be a nice feature to have.


You could allow edit, but if you’ve already used the 2nd option, then that would be a bit redundant.

The important thing to remember is:

  • Show Form: will result in a new row being added
  • Edit/Set Columns: will update the values in the current row