I don't understand what's going on

when I set a component to be visible only when the name is not empty, even if it is empty it is still visible. The same thing the other way around, and it also happens to me with the mail.

Kinda hard to provide any advice without a bit more detail.
Visibility conditions work fine when they are configured correctly. So if they are not working for you then you must not have them configured correctly. Or maybe you’re not viewing the row you think you are. Very difficult to say. A screen shot or two would help.


Is your screen filtered by signed-in user? It will only be looking at the first row of your table if it isn’t filtered to the signed-in user’s row.

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and, the name its empty:


and this one:


name its empty but:


it shows it

you need to take the name value from the User Profile, not from the user sheet.