Visibility condition issue

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Hi everyone, can anybody help with my visibility condition issues?
I share the data and the visibility condition i choose for a component. As you see, the user Francesco doesn’t see any client and user Simone sees two, but they should both see one. Can anyone guess why?

You have a visibility condition on the entire collection. That is telling it to show the collection or not based on the row that the Screen is attached to. Most likely the first row in the table in your case. So Simone can see the collection because the first row the screen is attached to contains this name. Franscesco’s name is not in the first row, so it hides the collection.

To fix it, do not use a visibility condition which shows or hides the whole collection. Instead use a Filter, so you can filter the contents of the collection. You want to filter the collection. Not make it visible or invisible.


thank you!!!

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