Conditional Visibility Bug

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Describe the bug:

  • Glide’s conditional visibility functionality seems to think that there are no items in a collection (via a relation), when in fact there are. The data editor shows the item(s), as does the collection itself.

Expected behavior:

  • The “Add Attachment” button should not be visible when the collection contains items.
  • The separator should be visible when the collection contains items.
  • Glide should correctly recognise when a collection contains items.

How to replicate:

  • Viewing as James (due to permissions), navigate to Projects > click project “VS008855” > click the edit action of “Feature-R”.
  • You should now see that the “Add Attachment” button is visible at the same time as the collection, even though the button is set to only be visible when the collection’s source is empty. The separator should be visible when the “files” relation is not empty, which is false as you can see from the “scope” attachment in the collection.

Note I have since deleted the quote attachment you will see in the demo recording.

Link to demo recording:

Just something to check…

I have seen cases where Visibility conditions can lose their configuration, and you can only see that if you expand the condition. This can happen when you copy/paste components, but I’ve also seen it happen at other times for no apparent reason.

Screen Shot 2022-10-16 at 5.06.33 PM

Can you try clicking on that visibility condition to expand it, and check that it’s still configured as it appears to be?

It seems to be configured as expected. I also tried removing and re-creating it with no luck.

This is now working :man_shrugging:

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