Unable to access visibility conditions where there are a whole bunch

Describe the bug:
I have a lot of visibility conditions on a button. I’ve come back to edit it but am unable to access them as there are too many and it is not appearing properly on my screen.

Expected Behaviour:
Scroll through visibility conditions to edit


HOLY COW that’s a lot of visibility conditions!!! :scream:

um, have you considered moving all that logic to the data editor?
Looks like you could replace all those conditions with a single if-then-else column, and then your visibility condition becomes “when if-then-else is checked”, or something like that.

It’s a similar amount of work if you’re only applying the visibility to a single component, but if you have to apply the same conditions to 5, 10, 20… components, then you probably get the idea :wink:


Could you share a support link to take a closer look?

Engineering is working on a fix for this.

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Thanks for the update!

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