Cannot scroll the add conditional visibility box

I cannot scroll this box to select desired conditional visibility.
This only happens when there are more than 3 or 4 conditional visibilities.
So i can’t scroll further down than WAPP / MESSAGE NUMBER is not empty.
This is a more recent issue, say in the last two months or so. I see they haven’t fixed it yet.

What if you zoom out in your browser?

It might be better to build an IF column in your data that does the same thing. Then you’ll only have one condition to check in your visibility conditions.

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Still doesn’t work. It used to be easy to just hover cursor over the box and scroll down. Then select the one i need to edit. I wonder why its changed.

I experienced the same thing before. If you are a mac user, there may be an update that needs to be completed first.

Okay i’ll check that now, thanks.

Apparently i’m all up to date.

I don’t think glide causes the browser to zoom in/out. This was my guess at the time.

It’s more the fact that i used to be able to scroll that box to select and edit its options. Now it doesn’t scroll anymore. Which kind of makes it useless. There is literally no way to edit the conditional visibilities if you have more than 3 conditions.
Surely others are experiencing this issue?

I agree with you. I was working on GDE at the time and suddenly couldn’t scroll either. Then I tried to zoom out also can’t be done in the browser. Both of the above led me to check for all updates including my Chrome browser.

And did you get it working again once you did the update?

Me personally, no.
I’m aware of it, but it hasn’t affected me because I almost never have more than a single visibility condition on my components. That doesn’t mean I don’t have some very complex visibility logic - I do - but that logic always exists in the Data Editor. This results in my component visibility conditions being something like “when some if-then-else column is checked”

I’m curious… how many components do you have to apply the below visibility to?

If it’s just a single component, I guess that’s manageable. But what if you needed to apply that to a dozen or more components? Wouldn’t that get a bit tedious (and error prone)?

And what if you needed to add another condition, or remove/adjust one? Then you have to make the same change over and over again, and carefully check and double-check to make sure you didn’t miss one. Sounds like an awful lot of work to me :sweat:

If you move this logic to the data editor, then when you need to make a change you just change it in one place and you’re done :wink:


It’s only for one component but i see what you mean. I checked now and i believe it’s still better in this case to use conditions on the component rather than having loads of extra columns. Thanks for the tip.

But in the process i happened to find the temporary solution for my main point of this post. Jeff Hager said zoom in or out which i did, but i didn’t zoom out enough.
So i zoomed out further now and was eventually able to see the whole box (silly me)

But it would still be nice if they could fix the glitch, as it used work perfectly (ability to scroll the pop up box).

This glitch is also a problem in the action window for example when setting columns, you can’t scroll down to the set columns options at the bottom.
So hope they’ll fix it soon.

It shouldn’t be loads of extra columns. Generally, several conditions can be represented in one or sometimes two if-then-else columns max. Just using the example from your screen shot, you could replace all that with a single if-then-else column as follows:

  • If WAPP/MESSAGE SWITCHER is checked, then null (empty)
  • If WAPP/DEEPLINK is empty, then null
  • If WAPP/MESSAGE NUMBER is empty, then null
  • If USERS EMAIL is not signed-in user, then null
  • If CELL NUMBER is empty, then null
  • If Is Favourited is empty, then null
  • Else true

And then your visibility condition would be “when if-then-else column is checked”

But, whatever you’re comfortable with.


Will definitely consider this next time this comes up, and especially if it’s for multiple components, thanks again for the tips👍