Data Editor needs scrolling ability

I use a lower resolution on my monitor (1280x800) so that things are easier to see, and I noticed when I tried to use the Data Editor in Glide that I could not ‘reach’ the bottom of the Add a Column pane:

I think it would be beneficial to add an ability to scroll inside the Data Editor pop-ups. Thanks!

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Ran into this too once when adding multiple if-then-else conditions. Ultimately changed the zoom level in my browser.

Yeah, that’s what I ended up doing, too. However, a simple scroll function for the pop-ups would solve it.

Agree with you all. It has thrown me off more than once. Tabbing between the input fields has been my solution. But it needs to be fixed!

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I can no longer scroll to the bottom of my apps when they have components that run below the bottom of the display (in the editor). Apps work normally on my devices, but can no longer scroll in the editor. I’m using Firefox.

All this time I was moving around the tabs on the sheet to get round this when all I had to do was zoom out.

Jeff I’ve ran into a spot. I copied and pasted your appointment scheduler sheets to set it up on my personal app. But, formulas keep showing error. What am I doing wrong? Even kept the tab names as on yours to ensure formulas worked. I try to avoid formulae but with this one I know I can’t.

Where are you located? Depending on your region, commas (,) and semi-colons (;) are used interchangeably depending on which region your google sheet is set to.

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I’m located in UK.

Grrrrrr ! Tx let me see and get back to you. So I should be using commas.

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