*UPDATED - Editor Bug? 🐛

*UPDATE: It’s definitely a Firefox issue. I just re-installed Chrome and the Editor is working just fine. Regardless, I’m sure the Glide Team would like to be aware so I’ll just leave this post up!

Anyone else unable to scroll up-and-down when viewing their Components on the right side of the Editor, in Play Mode?

When I use the Select Mode, and select the Component to edit it, it will pull it up on the right side of the Editor screen…however, if I use the Play Mode (which I use 99% of the time), I am unable to “scroll” up and down through my added Components :sweat_smile:

Also can’t scroll up or down when viewing Tabs… :grimacing:

Help? SOS?

One of the guys in my team had that problem today.
I was unable to replicate it, so I shrugged it off.
Just tried again, still unable to replicate it.
I wonder if it’s browser related? :thinking:
I work in Chrome, he was working in Firefox…

Possibly…I am in Firefox…usually in Chrome but my CPU started crashing using Chrome so I’ve been wingin’ it…hopefully this is fixed soon either way!

All’s good in chromium browser. This is probably only a bug in firefox browser as @Darren_Murphy said above

perhaps useful and relevant…perhaps not, just in case


Definitely relevant! We have team members who use Firefox. Thanks for sharing this!

Same problem… since yesterday … switch to chrome …