Problems with visibility of the bottom components on laptop

My app’s URL:
I can’t see the components at the bottom on my laptop in firefox. When I add additional components the previous one come in the view (see video). The same problem (also on laptop/firefox) when I open the app from url
In Chrome and on mobile everything OK!


@Swellart you need to put it somewhere which can be reached by a link. Eg google drive (remember to make it public)

Thank you, it’s done.
You can see the button at the bottom which appeared after I’ve added two additional text component

Looks like you’ve modified your app a little bit since your video. Is the problem you are having only in the builder or is it cut off like that when viewing the published link on a desktop browser or a phone?

Hi Jeff, the problem still exists. It’s on the desktop (MacBook pro) in Firefox. I have it in both - builder and the published version. In Chrome (also the desktop) - everything OK. And yes - I’ve modified my app since video recorded - I am still working on it but now in Chrome… :blush:

PS It looks like I can’t scroll down till the very bottom. If I lift up the last component in the stack - it’s starting to be seen but a new last one disappeared

I see the requirements do include Firefox for the builder. I have seen another complaint with Firefox, but I don’t use it personally. Can you confirm that you have a version of the browser that fits the requirements? Is it possible that you have had a recent update to firefox that introduced this problem?