Filter User Interface Bug

The new filter for the visibility user interface is not friendly and I have to zoom out to 50% to reach the last condition added if I try to add more I have to zoom out more on the page of the builder as shown the red rectangle in the shot below

Thre is no scroll down for it

I can confirm this. To me, it should just show the condition we want to add/edit to not take so much screen estate.

Looping @SantiagoPerez in.

This one was already reported and acknowledged.

My view is that it’s not a bug but a feature. Glide is simply telling you that you have waaaaay too many conditions :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::rofl:


Unfortunately I have 5 conditions and I don’t consider them alot

One more thing

If your column name is long then the condition also takes a space so it’s not only the count of the filters as well and ai reported another bug about long column names gets messed in actions while trying to map them

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder :wink:
I consider more than one condition to be too many. But that’s just my personal preference of keeping as much of my logic as possible in the data editor.

Tht won’t be easy if you are relying on condition from user profile and the row then you have to hit the plus 2 conditions

Am sorry but I see this as a bug and glide has to fix it

Yeah, of course it’s a bug. My comments are mostly tongue-in-cheek :wink: