🐛 BUG: Multiple Buttons Displaying Despite Visibility Condition

My app’s URL: schoology.glideapp.io

So, I tried doing a screencast in Chrome, but neither Screencastify or Nimbus are working right now in Chrome…weird.

Anyways, I have 4 different buttons set up in Glide to where only 1 button will show up, depending upon the Media Type I’ve specified in Google Sheets. It’s a very simple visibility condition I’ve set up in Glide to where “if Media Type is __________, then it will show the button.” Up until now, I’ve only had one media type specified in Sheets, which was Video, and only one button always displayed, which worked great. But, I just put an entry in Sheets where the media type is Document, and now it’s showing 2 buttons, shown below.


Is this a bug, or do I just have this set up the wrong way? I have another app where this has worked perfectly, but for some reason, it’s not working in this one.

Keep in mind that the conditions require things to have an exact match. It is case-sensitive and a single space will also break it. Can you check if things fall into those cases?

Just checked and everything matches up and should be good. Still displaying 2 buttons though.

Could you tell me how exactly to reproduce this bug? Where do I go in the app?

Scroll down to the bottom and click on Tips & Tricks, then click on the one entry there.

It seems that Glide lost track of that “Media type” sheet column, but didn’t remove or rewrite the visibility condition. Did you delete that column at some point, and then later added it again maybe?

Glide shouldn’t show the condition as still working, obviously. This is a bug we’re aware of.

I didn’t delete the Media Type column, but I did add a blank column to the right of it, and then quickly deleted it when I realized that I didn’t need that column.

If Video, Document are Text then you can use contains for the match. This should solve your issue for now. I will check this condition myself and let you know.

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Ok, I thought I had already checked this, or maybe they just fixed the bug, but when I clicked on the button for the Video media type I specified in conditions, it reset the dropdown choice to blank. In other words, I had to go back into that dropdown and reselect Media Type, and now all of a sudden, it’s fixed and showing the correct button. I could have sworn though that the dropdown was showing Media Type last time before I posted. In any case, I guess it’s just the issue of creating a column and then deleting it.

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