Create a button that will 'clear all' visibility conditions

Have the ability to ‘clear all’ visibility conditions.

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Suggested solution A button to clear ‘ALL’ visibility conditionssol

Yes, this would be handy.

But… (yes, I always have a “but” :stuck_out_tongue:), personally I do everything I can to avoid long strings of visibility conditions like this. Instead, I try to do all the logic in the table in an if-then-else column. The idea with that is to reduce my tab and component visibility conditions to a single statement (or none at all). So something like user-can-see-component is true

I find it much easier to manage and troubleshoot this way…


:+1: I do what you suggested now on new apps but on old ones, when I wasn’t such a newbie, I have historical visibility conditions in place and to remove them hurts my fingers and is a little tedious :wink: