Visibility conditions check

Not sure if this would be a useful feature for anyone, but I would love to know the status of my visibility conditions in cases where there are numerous ones working together.

I guess I can work around this with additional if-then-else columns in the data table and base visibility on those, but don’t ideally want to be adding more columns in the first place and sometimes i like seeing the columns themselves in the visibility conditions section as it can be more descriptive for me.

It would be amazing to get a cross or a tick next to each condition or the one that isn’t being met, so that if the visibility isn’t what we expect we can easily see which condition isn’t being met - sounds like a simple feature :man_shrugging:t2:

I actually work in the complete opposite way. For that example you gave, I’d have all of that logic in the GDE, and my visibility condition would just check the status of a single boolean column. I find this approach much easier to manage, especially when you have multiple components all using the same set of conditions.

But at the end of the day, I guess it just comes down to personal preference :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, like I mentioned I do occasionally do it with if-then-else in the data tables, but more often than not I prefer doing it as visibility conditions if it isn’t going to be limiting.

This simple feature would make doing that so much easier! Don’t you agree?

In the above example I can see all the different variables that are being tested for the condition, whereas in GDE i’d be staring at all those columns and thinking ‘what was it supposed to be again?’ ‘(Admin’ ‘yes’ ‘active’ ‘[equals a lookup column]’) and would need to look in my if-then-else to see what my conditions were. So that conditional boolean wouldn’t tell me any more than my component being visible or not in the visual editor.

Unless you have different strategies that could help? :eyes: