Visibility conditions "factorization"

Dear all,

In some of our screens, we use lot of components, often playing with visibility conditions, sometimes lot of conditions.

I have drafted one of my most complex screen, and the result is okay. Until I decide to provide a maintenance mode for the admin, by the way if a switch somewhere in my app.

I want to provide admin with a way to prevent the screens to display data during maintenance operation (new content added, new category added, and so on).

I can achieve this today, but it’s quite long as I have to update the visibility conditions for all components of my screens.

So my proposal : be able to “factorize” a visibility condition, so that in one place it will impact all components, or some components. A kind of opening / closing parenthesises encapsulating components, and for which visibility conditions could be applied.

It would be wonderful :smirk: