Common Master options for choice

Hello, I believe master options that are used to fill choice components count towards row limits, right?

There should be certain common ones available for use without going towards row limit. i.e. list of countries, list of zip codes in the US, list of cities, list of phone area codes, list of time zones. You know what I mean. These lists are too big and it will easily cross threshold of 500 rows.


You can put them all on one sheet in different column so the max row count would be of the longest list.

What I see as an issue with your request is that everyone’s definition of a common list would be different as well as some of these lists are very large. Additionally,the idea of the 500 row limit is storage space, but mainly profitability. If Glide gave too much away with the free apps they wouldn’t be able to survive long term with all these free apps consuming resources that are not free for them to purchase and maintain. Since they don’t have opportunities for advertising like some of the internet giants like Google or Facebook, how else would the be able to reach the point of being profitable and staying that way.