If I set a limit to the number of items shown on my app, will that be a solution to the 500 max rows for my free account?

I have an app for my finances, but I’ve reached the max rows of 500 already. Since the rows relevant to me are the most recent 300 rows only, if I limit the number of items to 300 only, will this solve my problem? Will this keep my row count on the glide app to 300 forever? I just want Glide to ignore the older rows beyond the most recent 300.

Screen Shot 2022-07-10 at 12.07.51 PM

I don’t want to keep on editing and deleting the old rows on my google sheet file just to address the row quota since I want to keep the records for future reference.

In short, no.

If a table is referenced anywhere in your app, then all rows in that table count towards your quota, regardless of whether of not they are displayed in your app.

What you would need to do is move the older rows into a separate table/sheet. One that is not referenced by your app. This could be automated if it’s too much of a chore - with some apps script, or a tool such as Make or Zapier.

Alternatively, you could purchase a paid plan :wink:


Okay got this, thank you so much for the response!!

While you’re thinking about this, go ahead and vote for looped actions.

This would give us the ability to set up an action to purge any records older than a certain date, etc.

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