App type and one more „Data row limitations“

I created a kind of tracking app, it was easy and fun with Glide. Now friends want to use this app too, and I’ve set up the login and rights management. If 15 to 20 people now use the app, we have reached 25k rows after 3 months. what options then exist. Are there licenses with more lines, can lines be deleted, archived or combined into a new line and thus pseudo-compressed? Still, I have the impression that there will be a data limitation at some point, right? Thank you for your assessment.

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I’m not sure if the 25000 rows is a hard-capped limit or it’s more of a technical bottleneck. I have seen posts in the forum saying when it gets over 25000 rows, the app gets much slower. In the future this limit may be lifted by Glide Tables though.

hello @ThinhDinh,
sorry for the delay and thank you for your reply. I’m currently trying to revise the structure of the data structures. I find it difficult because the user himself determines the number of entries! I.e. you create a project with as many tasks as you like and you can then make entries for the tasks at each interval. At the moment it is divided into the respective tables: project, tasks, days on which entries are created. A project runs for about 6 weeks, has 6-7 tasks and 3-4 entries are made two to three times a week per task. That means on average I get 250 lines per project. I don’t know how many users log in and I assume about 4-6 projects per user! So I need some kind of archiving/statistical evaluation after the runtime because you have to look at the data later. And by the way row’s can be delete.
Based on the unknown number of users, I don’t care if Glide is the right platform for the app offer?

That’s a lot of data to deal with. I would advice using Glide Tables here to maximize performance and if you don’t need users to see others’ data then apply the right row owners/roles setup so that users only need to download their own data.

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Ok, I will try to use the Glide Tables. Is there a way to import the existing data from my Google sheets?

No official way to do it, but there is a pretty decent workaround available…

thanks Darren_Murphy I will try it.