Column selection disappears before you can select a field

In the data editor, when you try to select a column for a condition, the selection disappears before you can select what you want.

I typically notice this mostly when selecting from the USER table, but I think it happens on all the tables.

The situation is getting worse recently. It used to happen periodically, but now is happening all the time.

Here is a video demonstrating the issue.

Is anyone else seeing this?


Hi! For me it is very common habit of Glide editor. May be three years still happens.
Not depend which tables. Overall tables

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Yeah, that’s been a problem off and on for a very long time. I’ve trained myself to use the search when selecting columns. Depending on how you name and group your columns, that mostly avoids the issue.



Yes I’m using search it helps a lot but not enough. Because as we see in your video the names can be long and the window size is fixed, so some time it is difficult to decide which one is target

When I’m using the mouse, I hate jockeying back and forth to the keyboard, etc.

And it’s still a bug that should be addressed.


Well, that’s what you get for using a mouse :stuck_out_tongue: :rofl:

Absolutely agreed. It’s been mentioned on the Experts Slack channel several times. I get the impression that it’s not an easy fix.

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I am experiencing this too. Is there a support ticket lodged?

We mentioned it several times already, I think they’re aware of that but I’m not sure there’s an easy fix.

I’m aware of the workarounds (thanks @Darren_Murphy ).
Just wanted to add for the dev’s info (I’m assume someone monitors the ‘Report a Bug’ category) that it appears to be particularly bad where there are elements that remain active behind the menu, for example Data Editor/Add row, which you can see activating with mouse rollover despite their being an active drop down menu in the FG.