Builder Freezing

In the last few days, when I am adding a column that requires selecting other columns / conditions, the dropdown freezes and nothing will make it go away.

In the case below, I am selecting a column from the user’s table, and it locked up.


I can then try and change the column type, and that locks up as well. The pop-up changes to a different selector, but never goes away once the selection is made.

Even going outside the box and selecting a column doesn’t make it go away.

I’ve been seeing this a lot more than usual just recently as well.

Do you have Replay?

If you can catch the behaviour on Replay and submit it with a support ticket, I suspect Glide Engineering will be very grateful.

From what I’m told, the Replay product is useless if the Replay is more than one minute, so running it in the hopes it will happen seems beyond the realm of possibilities right now.

This is just as frustrating as the pop-up disappearing just as you are about to make a selection. I suspect this might be happening because they are trying to cure that behavior.

I actually was able to duplicate it at will and tried to make a replay – Replay kept crashing.

I think my App is too big for Replay.