Data Editor "select all" issue

When entering data in the data editor, I have been clicking the “add row”

And then as I type, the first set of characters comes up missing. I’ve isolated it that as I type it will select everything in the box and then when I type the next character, of course the first letters entered come up missing.

This is in a new App and a new Table that I am populating with types of data (days of the week, other lists).


I believe I can replicate this behaviour. I have just tried it in a Google Sheets table. Can you record the behaviour and submit a ticket?

It happened for me in a Glide Table. This screenshot in my post exhibits the behavior. I typed three characters, and before I got to the fourth, it had selected the three characters. A video would simply show this in fast motion – I had to slow down my typing to see what was actually happening.

I don’t think a video will add anything to my description.

Thank you, submitting a support ticket would be the best way for the team to thoroughly investigate the problem and work to resolve it. So when you have a chance, please do so.

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