Text keeps highlighting & deleting as I type

This is so random, and hopefully I am explaining this in a way that makes sense. Whenever I am free-typing text into a cell, it is always highlighting text I have already typed as I am still typing, so then the next key that I hit deletes what I’ve already typed.

It happens when I am typing text really fast. I don’t know if I am inadvertently hitting some kind of keyboard shortcut that is telling Glide to highlight text that has already been typed in that cell? But I’ve never had this kind of issue when I am using other programs where I am quickly typing free text, such as Word or Excel.

If I force myself to slow down the speed I am typing, the highlighting thing doesn’t seem to happen, but since that speed is not my natural typing speed, I inevitably default back to my normal typing speed and the highlight delete thing starts to happen again.

This issue isn’t mission critical of course, but it is definitely SUPER annoying. Do other people experience anything similar?

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