Client App Relational Database and Comment Bugs

There are two apps using the same sheets DB. Same bugs for both apps.

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(Glide team, please message me or comment if you need whitelist access to the sheet, as the app is currently live)

I used Glides Data editor to make a relation between newsfeed posts and user profiles. For some reason, one of the profiles is not showing a user’s profile relation, although it is showing the relation on other posts and users.

Bug #2.
Again on the newsfeed. Some posts show comments section, while some other’s do not.

Can you show us the configuration of the screen where the comments do not show at all? None of your screenshots actually show a bug—if you can actually show us an inconsistency it will help us diagnose.

Does this help?

I haven’t used comments much but… are you sure that comments were entered for those records that are not showing comments? Also I may have missed it but your video did not show the underlying data that would reflex the reference having the correct links. Not sure if I’m explaining it right but I have not seen the behavior that you are describing so I would look carefully at the spreadsheet data to make sure you do have the reference links correct.

Couple things I would check:
For Chip, I see you have an uppercase ‘C’. Is the case for the email address the same as what is being used for the reference from the newsfeed?
For comments, what are you using as your unique value in the comments component? Is it referring to a value that is empty for that user?
Also don’t see a gmail account for Amy in the users sheet.

@Jeff_Hager, Nice eye with the capital C in his email, that was breaking it!

For comments, also correct, it was referring to empty data.

Thank you David and George as well - no Glide bugs after all!

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