Comments Jump from one topic to another; paid app

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I have 100 people in 2 challenges right now. They post something and comment. However some comments show properly other comment jump to unrelated posts. How is this possible?

And the comments are jumping around from. They where under one and now show up elsewhere. @Mark what kind of info do you need to debug this?

I commented myself under one post specifically 9 hours ago. It was very much showing under that post. So where the replies of other people.
This morning the comment moved to a different post. What’s going on?

What is your “topic” for the comments?


The Row ID by Glide.

It’s really unexpected behavior. I posted a comment before I went to bed, I saw this comment under the right topic. I wake up and that comment now is under a different topic id.
And this has happened for 30 users. I don’t know how to find the “original” topic they should have been,… so I can also not restore it.

Can you check in the App: Comments sheet? They should all be in there.

Yeah the comments are all there,… but a bunch of them have a topic id that is different then the topic id they had yesterday. :frowning: So I don’t know where the comment actually belongs.

I might just need to delete them all,… tell everyone to comment again. :expressionless:

I would advise to wait and see what Mark and the team find :anguished:

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Thanks,… I might just have a look in de older version of my sheets. See if I can find the ORG id’s attached

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Double checking, if you change the topic id of the comment or if you change the comment in the sheet does it change it in the app for you?


So when a user posts a post, there is a rearrangement of the post table (these are where the topic ID’s are that people comment under). I have a GAS that places a date created CET (server time) for that entry and I sort the sheet on a group value (needed for a next/previous setup).

No it didn’t change in the app for me. I linked the comments to topic names, tried to change one and it didn’t relocate in the app.

At least that confirms its not something that happened through my sheet. It must be some inner workings of Glide.

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Also the fact that we can only delete comments by right click and delete in the app, but not deleting it in the Sheets makes me think there’s something more under the hood.

I’m getting in a hairy situation. I have a 3 potential investors in this live app. I’m relying on these comments, they are pivotal to the concept. Comments just seem to be jumping arbitrary from one topic, they get updated with an ID of another topic.

ALL comments under one move to the other one.
I have 70 users in one challenge, 40 in another. At the moment about 510 posts and 500+ comments.

They get points when they comment. So me deleting comments that don’t belong there is ‘taking away’ points.

Is anyone experiencing this as well. Any suggestions on work arounds? Maybe I should just make my own comment table?

Maybe it’s the ROW ID from glide,… Does the ROW ID from glide change after re-ordering the sheet? Or is it fixed?

Any chance it’s related to this?

@Christophe_HK did your comments also switch/move around?

Thanks @ThinhDinh

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@Mark I hope you can confirm my findings.
I was working under the presumption that ROW ID (by glide) is a FIXED unique value for that table. With FIXED I mean is doesn’t change.
–> I’ve found that is does change based on the location it’s in (how it’s ordered). So I assume it’s depended on some sort of ROW function.

I’ve setup a zap making a copy from POSTS table and COMMENTS table.
POSTS copy table:
First ID is the ID when created and SENT to ZAPIER.
Title same.
Lookup ID based on title --> VLOOKUP on posts based on title returning the ‘live’ ROW ID.

–> After a few minutes of users posting I already have 18 ROW ID’s that are different.
Not only that, the OLD ROW ID is attached to a different POST (record) --> making the comments MOVE.

Is this some you need to / want to fix on your side? If not I for sure need to redo a whole lot in my app,… I was building on YOUR ROW ID.

So I should look at it as a ROW ID not a RECORD ID. ??