Clearing favourites

It’s great that Glide has created an easy way to separate the favourites in a tab. However, how does one user remove favourites? Tapping the heart again so that it’s not solid doesn’t remove them from the favourites tab.

Unfavourite the favourited to remove it from the favourites.

I tried that and no it stays in the favourites tab. That’s my issue.

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That shouldn’t happen. So when you unfavourite a favourited item, it refuses to leave the favourites tab?

Your app is public ? Even then when someone favourites an item Glide asks them to sign in.

Your not using thumbs up :+1:, no, anywhere on the same tab in the sheet are you ?

Your also using row ID?

Could you share ur app url? or in the alternative, post a screenshot ?

This shouldn’t happen.

Can you share the URL of the app or a video of that happening?

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Where have ou been all day today ??? :slightly_smiling_face:

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I now know what happens: when you create a “favourites” tab pulling the items that have been favourited elsewhere, it shows them to you with the “all” and “favourites” boxes at the top. I was looking at the “all”.
Unfortunately I haven’t found a way to remove that distinction. On other tabs, I’m able to tick or untick “show favourites” but not in this one. Any idea?

What is your layout settings for the tab with problem?

So I learned that the best way to get all the flexibility that I want on a tab is to choose “details” for the layout and then to add components. That’s what I did for my new “home” tab.
I have an “accommodations” tab which list the hotels and that’s where people favourite items; Each hotel has a details layout which has many many components.
If I use “details” for the favourites tab, all those components are showing up so if I remove them to clear the layout and choose one that allows me to not have all/favourites, won’t that remove those components from the details layout for the hotels?

The top level of a tab can have a detail layout that’s independent of the detail layout that’s attached to the sheet.