Favorites Tab - Always Shown

When using the Tiles or Cards layout the “Favorites Tab” will automatically show even though I do not have favorites setup for that information. It will not go away, and I have tried to turn on and off the favorites button in the overlay area.

Does any of this help:

I tried this, but it didn’t work either.

and you are sure you don’t have a favorites components on the details screen or you are using the favorites button on the overlay?

Could you share your app, please, and tell us where you see the Favorites tab incorrectly?

@Mark can you guys please fix this - it has been persistent bug for a long time now (5 months at least) and it causes massive user confusion. Linking up my other thread here. I can verify that this page has no favorite button on any component anywhere.

Favorites shows with no favorite button anywhere

Thank you! :blush:

I thought I remember reading at one point that it’s possible the favorites button was set on a different list layout. Still something that should be addressed, but may explain where it’s coming from.