Choice component issue

Hi! I am trying a usecase with the Choice component where the user selects a value from the dropdown list and based on the value, something will be displayed. I have created a lookup column for this, but I am unsure how to go about this. Help please?

Try this:

  • Create a User Specific Column
  • Use that User Specific Column as the target for your Choice Component
  • Add a text/rich text/whatever component to display your “something”
  • Use a visibility condition on that component such that it is only shown when the value in the User Specific Column matches the value you want from the choice component
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Thanks! I have over 30 choices that the user can pick from, and 30 different videos for each of the values. Should I create a visibility condition for each of them?

So does each choice represent a category of video?

If that’s the case and all your videos have a category, then it’s just a single filter. For example, you could present your videos as an inline list, and then filter according to the category selected in your choice component.

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Yes, it does. Thank you! I will try this out