Can't open my web app from an iPhone 6 browser

It starts loading it, asks me to add the app, and then goes back to the state it was before trying to open the app.

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Does it fit within all of the minimum requirements? Not an iphone guy, so I don’t know much about them.

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Did you want me to try on a different iPhone? If so send me the url

I have the last chrome, doens’t work.
I did install the app previously,and the old version of the already installed app, works, but I can’t reach the app from any browser

EDIT: i closed some of the opened other tabs in safari and it now work.

I’m not used to iOS, but this is strange. Still chrome doesn’t open it


Chrome on IOS won’t install an app as a PWA, or ask you to install as far as I know. Only Chrome on Android and Safari on IOS will allow you to install as a PWA as opposed to a shortcut.

However, that shouldn’t stop you from running the app in any browser.

I just edited, I had few tabs in safari, closed some of those, now works.
Why? Don’t ask me.

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Possibly just running out of memory trying to maintain the already open tabs and the memory load from the app.

chrome still doesn’t load it, no other tabs

Yeah, not sure. That would be something for other iPhone users to try.

Yes I’ve run into this as well. After doing some user testing this has happened now on multiple iPhone 6’s. And this happens on both chrome and safari. Each time the user reports that it send them back to the previous page they were on before visiting the glide link.

Huh, i just had it close on me in Safari. I’ll try and close more tabs too.