Is Glide app a native iPhone app or a webapp only?

  1. The Glide app that I made is a webapp that must be installed on the iPhone home screen by means of a Safari home screen link. That is not really an iPhone native “app”. Is this it? Or am I doing it wrong?

  2. How do I submit the app I made to the Apple App Store?

Glide Apps are basically Progressive Web Apps which work on top of a browser
Chrome in case of Android and Safari in case of Apple.

  1. Its not really a native app
  2. You can choose to use the glide, convert the PWA to a native app

or you can choose to build a native app as well.

You can contact me if you need help with either of them!

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Thanks for taking the time. So without converting a webapp to a native app, Glide app as-is can not be submitted to Apple app store?

No sir!
You can convert the glide app to a native app by using containers such as
But not directly

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