Possible to create native app on iOS?

This is a question, but if the answer is ‘No’, then we can make it a feature request.

Can I publish a native app to iOS/Apple App Store?

A quote on Techcrunch seemed to say this, but now I’m thinking it was just the ability to add an icon to the iOS home screen.

“You can easily assemble a polished, data-driven app that you can customize and share as a progressive web app, meaning you can get a link that you can share with anybody, and they can load it in a browser without downloading an app, or you can publish Glide apps as native apps to app stores,” Siegel explained.


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Currently no. I think that was initially intended with Glide and maybe still is in the future, but at the moment it’s not an available option. I think there are a lot of technicalities and limitations behind it…especially with the Apple Store. If I recall, Apple does not like apps that are simply a wrapper for a web application. You have to have most functionality native to the app, which is much different than how a progressive web app works. This would require Glide building an entirely different type of version of your application behind the scenes. Plus any time you makes changes, they would have to go through Apples approval process, which can take some time. Plus you would have to pay Apples developer fees as well.

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Adalo is the way to go if you want native apps for iOS or Android. Glide makes more beautiful apps and it’s easier to use but if you need anything complex there’s just too many things missing here.

Glide is working on native IOS and Android apps. They have been developing and testing the option. I don’t know when they will have it available, but they are working on it.


Hi @Peter_Smith

You can do so with nativator.io