Can't login using different user


I have a private app, I tried to login using a user ( it sent the PIN and is asking me for the PIN but I don’t have access to the email address. I am now trying to login using a different email address, but the app seems to have cached the previous email and PIN status.

I have closed the app, uninstalled the app, even tried the incognito mode, but each time I go to it, it is asking me to enter the PIN for the previous user I tried. How do I reset the userlogin ?

I know once I am fully logged in, I can logout and then login using a different user but how do I get out of the above situation, there is no login using a different user, only enter PIN or resent PIN.


The PIN is the security system and do you still want to login without having access to the email? Ironic right?

Instead, use temporary emails to log into your apps:

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No. I misttyped the email address, and I want to use a different email address. The app is stuck on asking me for the PIN that it sent to the old email address, I want to enter a new email address for it to send the PIN to the new email address

Just hit ‘I need another PIN’ and you can change the email address.


Hey thanks Roseweb. That worked, also it seems that it resets itself if PIN is not provided for some period of time.

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