Can't Figure Out Particular Combo of Filter and Visibility

So, I’m working on an app where teachers will be able to view only their students in the app, but I also want to give users in the Access column with Admin to be able view any teacher’s students. I have a form button at the top titled “Add a Student”, which upon completion outputs the data in the Student Laptops tab. It automatically collects the teacher’s email address when signed in. So, every single teacher will be using this button to add the students within their classrooms.

So, when teachers are on their particular page, I’m wanting to use filter so that the teacher only sees their students tied to their email address in that tab. But, for the life of me, I can’t get the right combo to achieve what I’m wanting. I even tried using Row Owners, but I can’t seem to get Admins to view students from any teachers in there. What am I missing?

Here’s my quick screencast that hopefully shows what I’ve done and what I’m trying to do.

Thanks for your help!

How about creating a relation of teachers to students and then building your inline list based on that relation? There may not be any filters needed!

How could I set that up? I mean, I know how to do a relation to make that work. But, I’m not really wanting to have a separate tab with 900 students in it, in addition to the tab that’s collecting data from the form. I’d rather it just be in that Student Laptops tab, which is only having rows added to it when teachers complete the Add a Student form, and then filter students that are tied to the teacher’s email address, with only Admins being able to view all students in any teacher’s class. That’s possible, right?

Seem like I’m missing something simple here…

I think if you did an inline list of the relation that relates teachers to students, then filter that list by signed in user (the teacher’s email address), then the teacher’s accessing the tab should only see their own students.

When teachers add a student, are you also collecting the teacher email? If so, then just filter where teacher email is signed in user OR where a User > isAdmin Boolean is true

Yes, teacher emails are being automatically collected through the form. So, I have the filter set to where teacher email is signed in user, but when I try to set Visibility to anyone in the Access column with Admin OR where teacher email is signed in user, the student names disappear. Can’t figure out what I’m missing so that each teacher only sees their students, and then also giving admins the ability to view all students no matter what teacher they’re viewing.

Setting the filter to teacher email is signed in user works great. No problems whatsoever. But, when I go into the app as myself (an Admin), I can’t see those students unless I’m signed in as those specific teachers. It seems that when I try to add in the visibility condition, it breaks completely.

Is the Access column an array column of emails?

No, it’s just one column titled Access with only a few staff (who are not teachers) having that label next to it. All teachers simply have User next to them in the Access column.


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Huge thanks to @Robert_Petitto and @ThinhDinh for helping me figure out how to set this up the right way!


My pleasure to help as always Spencer.