Filter for an email list

First, sorry, but I don’t speak English very well. I hope my message will be understandable.
I have created a list of members in a column with their email. Is it possible to make a tab visible, or an info list only for this list of members and invisible to other users? I can’t achieve to do it.
I choose “public with email” to have access to the application. I tried to see with the tutorials and forum but nothing matches. I just achieve to have the user seeing his own data but not the one of the other members of the list.

Thank you very much.

Just so I’m clear, you want everyone that is a member of that list to see everyone else in that list? If someone is not in that list, then they can’t see anything? Is that correct?

It’s exactly that

Le mar. 7 avr. 2020 à 13:59, Jeff Hager via Glide Community a écrit :

  • Create a template column and fill it with any value, such as ‘users’.
  • Create a relation column that links the template column in the sheet to the same template column in the same sheet.
  • Create a lookup column to get the email address from the relation.

This should give you an array list of emails for all users on each user row. Use this lookup column to set your filters and visibility by signed in user.

Super. Thanks a lot.

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