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I want to create an online school app. The challenge I am facing is " how to make the app smart enough to differentiate between the user’s class and payment status contained in the home sheet of the app and relate it with the subject’s sheet of the App so as to decide for a unique visibility for each user. The subjects sheets only contained columns related to subjects."

  • In the home sheet, create a column that’s filled with true whenever the user is paid up.
  • In the class sheet, create a template column with a value that’s always true.
  • Create a related from the class sheet to link the true template to the true column in the home sheet.
  • Create a lookup column in the class sheet to return all emails from the relation that are set to true.
  • Set visibility and filtering checking if the lookup column is signed in user.

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Thanks for this suggestion, I have tried it. The issue am having is in ste 4, the column is returning only the first row’s email and when set to multiple, returns more than 1 email/row of the email lookup column there by making visibility impossible.

is there sth am getting wrong or there’s another trick to it?

You want multiple emails to be returned. This will contain all the emails of users that have paid. This way you can set visibility, using the lookup column, to ‘is signed-in user’ and any of the users that have paid will see the component.

‘Is Signed-In User’ works great with an array of multiple email addresses.

Thank you, I have tried it but is like I’m not getting what you are pointing at. Let me post a video about it and then you can explain to me in light of the video. Thanks

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Here we go


@Suleimaan You are very close. The relation column you have does show the email addresses, but relation column is designed to always show the first column. What it is really doing is just showing that it found a matching row. That’s why to also need a lookup column. You created your lookup column correctly (‘New Column’) in your first video. In your second video you were still trying to use the relation column. You should instead use the Lookup column you created, which contains the email addresses of all the users that are found in the relation.

Like I said, you were very close, but you need to use the lookup column to set visibility and filtering. Think of the relation column as the entire matching row. The lookup column selects one column from that row. When you use the lookup column, you can then select to match ‘is signed-in user’.