Visibility -> connect to more than just the current sheet-tab

Here’s the challenge:

  • app is email with password
  • when user comes into the app they must create a Profile to be able to see things
  • then use Visibility and Filters through the app to control who sees what

The problem:

  • there are sheets / tabs that do NOT contain every email - e.g. Trips only has emails of the people who have created Trips… and News has no emails in there at all
  • and right now if the email exists in the sheet, then I can use my visibility things nicely… but if they have not created a doct in that sheet, the visibility approach does not work

The best way to handle would be a lookup in Visibility to another sheet (i.e. Profile)
I am using Rel columns in Glide… but the Trips and News sheet needs to make a rel with something… and there is no Email to tie on to!


Very open to ideas of workarounds! Thanks, M

In the sheets that don’t have an email, create a template column that contains a value, such as"Profile". Create the same column in your profile sheet. This will allow you to create a relation column from any sheet to the profile sheet using the “Profile” template columns. Finally create a lookup column that, uses the relation, to get a list of emails from users who have created a profile. You can use the lookup column to set visibility based on signed in user.


Exactly what I was going to suggest. This is what I did in

Eg, if you haven’t created a profile and visit the shop tab, you won’t be able to make purchases.

Thanks for this. I’m also trying to achieve the same thing but I’m wondering whether this solution is scalable? I have a list of 1000 items and 5000 user profiles. I presume with this method each item will have to lookup all 5000 profiles which would have a big impact on performance?

Hard to say. Try it and see what happens.

So helpful, thank you!

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