How do I filter content of a tab to a unique user?

Hello. I am creating an app that allows users to create a To-Do List and add the Courses they have in their school to help them with time management. However, I cannot find a way to make courses or tasks unique or show them only to the person who created them. For example, I tried to add a Course, then a task due on Jan 20 at 11:59 PM, using the email Now, the Course and task I created with the email are visible to everyone who uses the app. How can I make that specific Course and Task that I made with the email I mentioned above only show up when the user signed in is the email mentioned above? I want to show an empty Course and To-Do List tab to a new or existing user that has not yet added any data (Course and Tasks) to the app.

You can apply Filtering on the list or Row Owners to the the email column in the table. Row Owners is more secure, so I recommend doing that instead of applying a filter.


Thank you for that! I get the idea now.

Can I just ask which column I should ‘Make row owner’? The email column on the Users List, where the emails of the app users are stored, is set to Row Owner.

Here is an image of my Courses sheet.

I tried to set the column Course to Make Row Owner, but it just ultimately makes everything on the Courses sheet inaccessible. Whenever I try to add a course on the app with the email, yes, there is a course being created on the sheet, but it is not visible on the app because of the Row Owner.

What am I missing? I am sorry if I have silly questions, as I am not that great at tech.

You need to add an email column to your courses table, and make that the row owner column. When a user adds a course, add their email address to that column.


That’s it! exactly what I am looking for! Cheers mate!