Hiding inline list

Hi guys,

I’ve having an issue hiding inline list items to be viewable by only the logged in user.

I’ve managed to get it to hide everything but for some reason its still displaying the list calendar dates.

Any thoughts/advice?

Appreciate any advice.

I basically have to tabs that have the same problem, in both instances, the list items must only be displayed to logged in user.

Set the Filter on the list to filter where Email Is Signed In User.

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Hi Jeff,

Thanks again for your assistance.

These are the options available to me:

What would I do in this instance?

What is the “unique” thing to link this record with the “signed-in user”? If you haven’t done it, you can write the user’s rowID or email to the destination table when submitting a new item, then filter by that column.


Adding to what @ThinhDinh said, if you have an email column in your table, then you can simply apply vrow owners, which not only filter the data automatically, but it will also secure the data so other user will only have access to data that they own.


Hi Jeff!


it won’t let me make a column-a-row owner, I’ve managed to get the email to appear in the row as per above method but stuck there.


Any thoughts?

The reason you can’t make it a row owner is because it’s user specific.

You’ll need to delete it, then add it again and make sure you don’t tick the “Make User Specific” box. Then you can make it a row owner.


Thanks Darren! Just realized I cannot make a row owner unless I create the column in Airtables. This has been the underlying issue of everything! Thanks for highlighting your point.

Jeff I solved the issue by making the column in Airtable first.

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@Jeff_Hager @Darren_Murphy @ThinhDinh thanks for your assistance in getting me to this point! Problem solved :smiley:


ah right, I didn’t realise you were using AirTable.
Yeah, that makes sense. Glad you got it sorted :+1:

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