Inline list filter

Hi, i have one problem whit one inline list. I create a Inline list where admin can see all row from one table.
This not works, i can see only row where user is signed in and not conditions are placed in the component. Someone can help? Thanks.

Do you have row owners applied to the table?

Yes, i have to remove it?

Solved thanks.

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Hi, Jacopo,

You don’t need to remove row owners; what you need to do to keep your app responsive and secure for all users is to add the admin as a row owner. So add an admin email address to every row, and set that row as row owner in addition to the actual row owner. That way the admin can see/utilize all rows and everyone else can only see his own row.


Try instead to have each user a Relation to that list

And Admin without

Then you can prevent for him everything but each user only see his