Cannot see the link to Glide Tables correctly

This is how I see the Glide Tables when I try to link to it;

Also, I see tables that I’ve not created in any of my apps.
Not sure whats happening here.

Would you like to swap? :rofl: :rofl:

I find that I need to zoom right out so that I can get at the search bar at the top, or the buttons at the bottom.

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:joy: :joy:
I’m unable to zoom it at all. :no_mouth:

Cmd- (Mac) or Ctrl- (Windows) usually works?

Not working :sob:

That’s odd… which Browser/OS?

This is a real blocker for me. Will contact support.

Chrome/Macbook, exactly the same as me. Are you sure Cmd- (Command Minus) doesn’t work?
What if you look in the View menu…

In addition to this problem, if we can have the names of the tables in white !!! :wink:

okay that worked. :ok_hand:t5: Phew.

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I’ve minimized it, but I still don’t see the search or the OK button

You have to keep going…

had reached the bottom, but found nothing

I mean, keep zooming out until it appears

my chrome can only 25% zoom out

There is a little trick

  • open the window
  • press the “Tab” key
  • enter the search table.

thank you, work

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