Deleting Glide Tables

Is there a way to delete unused Glide tables?

I’ve been using them a lot, to the point where I’ll often create a “throwaway” table just to quickly test something. It’s gotten to the point now where if I try and link an existing glide table, I get a huge list that extends beyond the boundaries of my screen and isn’t scrollable.

In order to see the full list, I need to zoom out several levels, and then the table names become almost unreadable.

I’d really like to be able to do some housekeeping and clean out those I don’t use/need, but I can’t see a way to do that?


@Darren_Murphy I removed them using ‘unlink’ to delete glide tables

Unlink removes the table from your app, but it doesn’t delete the table.

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As of now I don’t think there’s a way.

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Ya, I’ve copied and app to do some testing and it’s made a real mess of my glide tables list. Hopefully there is a way to manage them eventually.

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Hi, I have the same problem with testing glide tables and now when I really need them, I couldn’t move up and down the list to find “Link Table” Button. Is there any update on this issue? Can someone advise me please :pray:

Staging has the ability to delete glide tables, so eventually we will get it in the production glide builder.

You may have to zoom out to get to all of your tables.


Yikes! Clearly we need to make it easier to manage these. One idea we have is to show your Glide tables at the Team level (outside of any app).


I already tried to zoom out but still not working. I guess the lists are too long. Now I just use function Importrange to work around it instead. But I look forward to use Glide Table in the future :slight_smile: Thank you

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