Glide Tables (Data) - deleting ones not linked to an app

Hi all

I recently duplicated my app - and as I want both apps to use the exact same data and to be kept in sync - I chose “Keep the same sheets”

I want one of my apps to be open access with no sign in just to show a “dashboard” of data. There will be no user interaction with the second app (It will be shown on a big display in an office)

I am using Glide Tables.

But it got me thinking about how Glide Tables work (as in database tables on the data tab)

I think I am right in saying that - in the data editor -

  • If I delete a table from one of the apps - it has gone for the other (and indeed all linked apps)
  • Same goes for records / data / row - change one, it changes in both ( I nearly deleted all my users in the second app! :dizzy_face:)
  • If I un-link a table, it gets removed from the current app - but does not get totally deleted (I can re-link it to an app of I need)
  • If I delete an app - are all the tables deleted, or just unlinked?

Bottom left, under data source, I can see all my, er, data sources - including ones that have not been liked. How do I see / delete the un-linked ones if I can’t access them through an app?

Just curious more than anything - though that said, some likely have a lot of images so I could do with the storage space back


I don’t think Glide allows you to delete a table if it’s used in other apps, but theoretically, Yes…same table means exactly that…multiple apps are connected to the same single table.

Yes, it’s the same shared table, so it’s the same shared data.

This is correct.

They are only unlinked. They are not deleted.

I think you would have to first add (link) a table to a dummy app if you want to permanently delete it.

If I’m deleting an app and the tables are no longer needed, I have gotten into the habit of deleting all of the linked tables in the app before deleting the app.


Thanks Jeff as always

Guess I’ll need to make a new “dummy” app, link all the un-wanted tables, then delete them one by one

Thanks again

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