How can I delete or remove a Glide table?

I create lots of test apps during development. I thought their data would be deleted when I deleted the app. I know this isn’t the case because I see a growing list of table names, all of them repeated over and over again. Loading apps to work on them is starting to take a very long time. How do you actually delete Glide tables as opposed to “Unlink table from app?”

As of now you can’t. There’s a feature request for that here.

It’s there in Staging, along with Duplicate tables.
So fingers crossed, it’s on the way…

Screen Shot 2022-01-10 at 9.42.47 AM


Nice catch. WooHoo!

Oh my gosh the duplicate table feature will be super for me. Wow. I can’t wait…

haha yeah, me too.
I have a table with about 50 fairly complex computed columns that I want to duplicate.
I’m holding off doing it manually on the hope that this might make its way into production soon… :pray:

Delete will also be super useful for cleaning out all the accumulated junk tables.


No delete options yet. :slight_smile:

Delete is available @AlvinM! : Delete and Duplicate Tables